Mirrors and Mirages

by Sidetrack Walker

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The album download contains a Bandcamp-exclusive live version of “Of Landscapes Unchanged” as a bonus track. This track is neither available through the Bandcamp stream, nor through any other streaming or download service. You will also receive PDF files with liner notes and lyrics.

This is not actually a new album: in fact, it dates back to the period 2004–2006, laying the foundation for much of my later songwriting and musical direction. Back then, these songs naturally evolved into some sort of loose concept album. The result was my first full-length, piano-based album project which I originally planned to release under the old moniker Unmasqueraded.
However, it wasn’t until 2015 that I finally had the chance to record the songs properly. While I felt that they needed some strings to properly unlock their potential, my search for suitable session musicians was long and fruitless. Eventually two violinists did agree to contribute some parts, but then disappeared without a word. When I got my hands on a high-quality string library after another two years, I decided to create the strings myself with midi sequencing, which may not be quite as cool as having ‘real’ strings, but saved the project from oblivion and gave me total freedom over the arrangements.
It may sometimes be true that good things come to those who wait, but in my experience you’ll often have to help them along somewhat. Finally, after all these years, I can present this old material to you. In hindsight, this is where my current style started to form, and while I can’t quite identify with the lyrics anymore, I still think these songs have a lot of musical merit.

Thanks to Andre Jonas, Marcel Gülzow, Mike Liassides, A.D. Jansen, Mia Muukkonen, Jürgen Baur, Benjamin Heidtmann and Joël at Lion’s Heart Productions, who, each in their own way, helped bring this album to fruition and offered valuable advice and feedback. Cheers to friends and family.


released September 28, 2018

All music and lyrics written, arranged, performed, recorded and mixed by Dominik Sonders.
Cover image by Dominik Sonders. Cover layout by Andre Jonas and Dominik Sonders. Logo and handwriting by A.D. Jansen.

Mastered by Lion’s Heart Productions (www.lionsheartproductions.com).

© 2004–2018 Dominik Sonders. All rights reserved.


all rights reserved



Sidetrack Walker Berlin, Germany

Sidetrack Walker is an independent music project focusing on atmosphere and honest, emotional songwriting. Headed by German artist Dominik Sonders, it draws on genres such as Modern Classical, Prog/Art Rock, Dark Folk, Doom and Darkwave.

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Track Name: You, My Twisted Signpost
When I saw you the last time
You said farewell without a smile
I turned my back and ran away
I couldn’t stand your blank emotionless face

And now I am back here, alone
Without you now and on my own
And now I have to stay at home
Forever waiting for the hopeful sounding phone

Driven mad from inside by my own heart
Gone insane I cry your name, we’re apart

I can no more smile with ease
I can no more cry to be free
I can no more smile honestly
I can no more be…

Waiting, lingering, looking back
Cannot turn around on life’s one-way track
With my eyes closed I see the bifurcation
While you’re in control to lead me left or right
Track Name: Maybe
So I cry
But the tears can’t tell me why
And I fall
Down on my knees I have to crawl
Leave me here
Deep in the darkness of my self
Hold me down
You gave me up and you won’t help

In the memories
I’m lost and far away
I can no more breathe
As I can’t bring back the day
In this empty space
My only home has fled from me
I’m left here in disgrace
A foreign land where I can’t be

Falling deeper
Drowning in your
Smile and in the
Beauty of your

You take my
Hands and hold them
Gently then you
Leave them cold and

You feed me
With the promise
Again you leave me
Starving me in

I don’t mind
You control me
As you told me
“Maybe yes or
Track Name: Utopian Poetry
Five candle flames
The only life inside this room
Flickering light
Cannot warm my frozen heart
Have I grown up
Just to become lifeless?
Was I once born
Just to be aware of sleep?

A stone of human shape
Filled with the wish
To know how it might feel
Not to exist
Walls so bare and naked
Just like my hands
In which I’ll never hold this life
Like a chance

With certain death in mind
I hear my heartbeat
So loud inside my ears
A silencer I need
In astral dreams beside
I may find you
When lights grow pale and harmless
I will blind you

I lay in your arms so close to me
You are the peak of my poetry

I reach for your name unknown to me
O love, you’re my bleakest poetry

Now I fall asleep
The nightmares left behind me
This is my way to flee
From those visionary dreams
Which haunt me every day
When I seem to be awake
My soul’s unending plague
For I have no path to take.
Track Name: Sonnensturm
In der Nacht
Scheint ein Atemzug zu schwach
Für all die Traumgewalten
In der Nacht
Scheint ein Herzschlag viel zu kurz
Das Leben zu erhalten
In der Nacht
Scheinen Träume in der Lage
Sehnsucht in Erfüllung umzugestalten

…Lights escape from new worlds
To blind my thirsting eyes
Reaching for my heart,
Tearing me apart

Ich gebe zu
Ich atme tiefer wenn ich träume
Und sauge Hoffnung ein
Ich gebe zu
Mein Herz schlägt stärker als es müsste
Es will lebendig sein
Denn in der Nacht
Scheint jeder Funke wie ein Stern
Welten tauchen ein in seinen goldnen Schein

…Lights escape from new worlds
To blind my thirsting eyes
Reaching for my heart,
Tearing me apart

Nach diesem Licht zu greifen,
Diese Welt mit einem Blick zu streifen –
Ein Traumbild das mich hält
Es ist als wollt’ ich fliegen
Mit diesen Flügeln, die am Körper liegen –
Gebunden an die Welt
Die Augen jetzt zu schließen,
Während Worte in die Bilder fließen
Und jeder Zweifel zerfällt
Es ist als wollt’ ich glauben,
Mir die schönste Illusion erlauben
In einer hoffnungslosen Welt.

…These lights that shine within your world
They bind my wishful eyes
Pouring through my heart,
Tearing me apart.
Track Name: Exhaling the Fire
More and more
We adored
The voice that spoke to us alone
And touched our core
When we saw
The eyes that shone
Just for the reason we were there
Our souls merged into one

And the yearning dripped
From every word we spoke
To turn our paths towards
The feelings that awoke

Now that we
Get used to be
Together in this newborn world
Created in a dream
More and more
The grief will grow
When maybe one bleak day we have
To cut our strongest seam

But this creeping fear
Today shall not be more
Than a wise whisper that
Reminds us of the fire in our core
Track Name: Of Landscapes Unchanged
From the highest peaks of joy
Where I found the life in me
I looked back over that vale
A foggy landscape, so barren and bleak
From where I climbed I saw the sun
Its pleasant light to warm my heart
And in the depths I tried to leave
I recognised the pattern structures
that tore me apart

Clouds crept high above my head
The winds from valleys brought them back
And as they swept their shades about
I knew that upwards is not a one-way track
For where the mountains reach the sky
The dusky vales are never far
– just a single move
I still can lose all of my faith
Except for one, and that is you

And even here –
I can’t cry / I can’t hide / I can’t fly
Free from clouds that blur my sight

Now the fog is getting dense
To enclose me once again
The stalking shadows of my mind
Try seduction, well-known whispers of the end
But there’s still sunlight in the mist
To take my hand and guide me home
Again my feet feel far too weak
To walk this unreal path
my eyes can’t even show

And even now –
I can’t scream / I can’t see what’s real / I can’t sleep
Free from stirring, chaotic dreams

Which sometimes feel more plausible
Than this world surrounding me
Whose colours fade to formless nonsense
Breathless, never-ending scenes
To scare me into withdrawal
And alienate me from myself
My new resistance weak and bruised
Held only by my love for you

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